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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bust Out The Shampoo!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE (even though they misspelled her name)!

This chick has worked hard to get here. She just recently signed with a manager (at my prodding/pushing/cajoling her to cold call folks -- cold calls DO work). And, within a month or so of signing, this is what happened:

From Variety:

"Seven Arts Intl. has pacted a three-picture deal with "American Pie" producer Warren Zide. The films will be fully financed through a $15 to $20 million all-equity fund that has been secured for the alliance. First pic to come out of the partnership is "Pool Boy," followed by "Autopsy."

First up is "Pool Boy," written by Julie O'Hara. Pic follows the antics of a recent high-school grad who inadvertently becomes a pimp to a mansion full of beautiful girls. Shooting will begin in the fall."

http://tinyurl.com/m4zga (you need a subscription)


He is not in Variety today, but... he achieved something major... after a lot of hard work!

Huh, guess I should get *on* my lazy ass and start writing...


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