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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Wish I Could Quit You, Dwight.

Wow. A lot of pilots are being picked up. Like, a lot. I was holding out to see if my favorite pilot got picked up. It didn't. And, there's no mention of it anywhere. What the fuck happened? Om...

As well as it being upfronts it's also season finale, er, season. It's both exciting and frightening at the same time. Exciting because usually finales are, like, way good! Frightening because that means Summer's here and we've got 3-4 long months before our favorite shows (and new ones) return.

The one season finale that absolutely astounded me. I mean, I can not *CAN NOT* stop thinking about it: The Office. No, not because of the Kiss Of Death (please don't let Pam and Jim go the way of Maddie and David, Sydney and Vaughn, Simon and Garfunkel. Okay, those last two didn't kiss -- or did they???) it was because of Dwight.

So, in the teaser, Jim tells Dwight that he's telekenetic. Dwight, being Dwight, doesn't believe Jim, and tells Jim to move a coat rack near Pam's desk. Jim concentrates, and lo, the coat rack does indeed move. Dwight is ASTOUNDED. Like, ASTOUNDED. Meanwhile, we cut away to Pam, who used an umbrella to moved the coat rack. Poor Dwight, jealous of Jim's power, spends the rest of the afternoon trying to telekenetically move a bobblehead.

Seriously, I was telling a friend that I love Dwight sooooooo much that I would actually deign to write fanfic about him. So deep is my love for him. Yes, I'm a huge Dwight lovin' dork. A Dwight-ette, if you will. I mean, come ON! He's got the best relationship on the show (though all the relationships are pretty fucking great), he's Dwight. And, well, he's Dwight.

Okay, fine, we're not all rabid Dwight lovers. Fine. But, I am, and if you're not: you're wrong.


  • At May 18, 2006 10:12 AM, Blogger Whaledawg said…

    The best was the Valentines day episode where Dwight is asking Pam for advice.

    Dwight: I didn't think she'd be into this kind of thing becase she's....

    Pam: Tightly wound?

    Dwight: Exactly.

    The way he said exactly was genious. He was like a kid at Christmas. I've watched that moment a hundred times and still laugh at every one.

    And I think Dwight would prefer you called yourself a Shrutophile as opposed to a Dwight-ette. But that's just my opinion.

  • At May 18, 2006 12:12 PM, Blogger BooM said…

    I think Dwight would prefer Dwight-ette. Because that implies I'm an uber-fan. Dwight believes himself to be (and I believe him) shrouded in mystique and magicalness. Therefore, I think he'd be offended by someone calling themselves a Schrute-o-phile, as that implies they're an expert on Dwight. And only Dwight is an expert on Dwight.

    Even though he shares much of his life in his blog, like what he had for breakfast... I think it would freak him out if someone implied they were an expert on him.

    And I, good sir, don't want to freak him out.


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