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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why I live in LA.

I'm at WB having lunch with my friend. I go, afterward, to coffee with another friend. Sort of killing two birds, type thing. My first friend, earlier, had pointed a Big-Time Writer. Like, HUGE. Ginormous. I was dying. Way better than our earlier actor sightings.

Which were:

Before lunch friend took me on tour of Studio 60. We got to see Matthew Perry and Tommy Schlamme. And, we got to meet Bradley Whitford (sigh...) and talk to him for a bit. Apparently, he was directing that episode. I told him that I'd be seeing him the following night. He looked alarmed. I reassured him that I was just going to the John Wells' event that he'd be moderating. He thought that was cool. Sort of.

Fast forward to the next night at the insanely awesome John Wells' event, where instead of a true Q&A thing, they did this awesome roast that was absolutely hysterical (Neal Baer advised people to grow up with people like John Wells, since that was the secret to Neal breaking in -- trust me it was funny. In retrospect, it's sad, because I did not grow up with anyone John Wellsian). I see Bradley Whitford standing nearby, clearly being assaulted by two fans. I wave to him. He gets a huge smile on his face, and races over. He envelops me in a huge bear hug. Tells me he's so glad I made it. I think he was just happy to get away from the fans. He asks how I liked the event (did he really need my feedback for its awesomeness? No. But lightheaded from champagne and bear hugs, I make myself believe that he does). This anecdote, btw, is apropos of nothing. It just happens to be a cool moment in my life.


Back at Warner Bros, the previous day, I go to coffee with another friend, all happy that I saw Big-Time Writer. As we're sitting there, a friend of my friend walks by, so they're talking. And, my friend introduces me to his friend. Then, Big-Time Writer comes up. Apparently, my friend knows him. And, his friend knows him, too. So, they're all talking, and my friend introduces me. I'm about to faint.

I'm all, "I'm a big fan." he says "thanks."

So, then I'm listening to my friend and his friend's convo. His friend's working on a pilot. Blah blah blah. And I'm wracking my brains. Who is this guy? He looks really familiar, but his name's not...

Then I realize, I misheard this guy's name.

It's not just a director. It's a BIG-TIME DIRECTOR. As in, my mom (who knows no one's name) has heard of him. He's already got a TV show on, as features people have infiltrated our world. I just happen to have a spec of the show he has on...

So, I'm like, Holy Shit.

And, BIG-TIME DIRECTOR was kind of weird when I told Big-Time Writer that I was a big fan, like, "why didn't she say anything to me?

So, I'm sitting there sweating it. "How do I work into conversation that I will hire prostitutes to give him blow jobs?"

Instead I say, "by the way, BIG-TIME DIRECTOR, I just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge fan of yours, too. In fact, I just specced your show, cuz I just love it."

BTD: Oh my god! Thank you! Wait, you wrote a spec of it? I'd love to read it!

ME: No.

MY FRIEND: You fucking idiot.

BTD: What?

BTD has to persuade me to send him the script. He gets his assistant over, makes me promise I'll call.


My agent sent the script over to their offices last week. I doubt anything will happen. If something does, it will be awesome. If not, I won't be disappointed. The point is, things like this don't happen in Dublin. Things like this happen in LA. So, if you're on the fence about moving out here: Do it. Because opportunities are literally on every corner!


  • At April 12, 2007 12:20 PM, Blogger Scribble94 said…

    LOL, good luck with BTD. We should go back to WB. I love the fact that they have a jamba juice right on the lot. How was the rest of the Wells event?

  • At April 15, 2007 2:14 PM, Blogger BooM said…

    Well, the Bradley Whitford hug was the highlight. Hung out with our mutual contact for a bit. Drank more champagne, and headed home. All in all a nice night.

    You just want to go to WB so I can introduce you to BTD, huh?!


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