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Saturday, November 03, 2007

All in.

The main difference, imo, between the strike of yesteryear and the strike of today? The internets. People are going to be way more informed this time around. That includes the other side. So, when people are being vocal (which they should be) about the strike, imo (again), I truly believe they should bust out Ye Olde Poker Face.

Don't act worried on your websites -- save your concerns for face-to-face, alcohol-laden get-togethers with your fellow writers. In public, talk up a good game. Pretend as though you've got pocket aces against their 7-2 off. If they smell weakness, you're fucked.

You. You vocal folks out there. The ones who are being quoted in magazines, newspapers, by the other side... they'll use your words against you. If, however, you're not concerned in your public venue. If, however, you act as though you've got the rockets, doubt and fear are sure to follow. If they're fearful and doubtful, when you push all in, they'll be forced to fold. That means you get all the chips.

I get it. Writers are neurotic. We all are. But for this moment, writers need to not be scared. Yes, mortgage payments are due, children's tuition is due, your weekly alcohol bill needs paying... The way to end this quickly? Remember (whether you believe it in your heart of hearts or not) writers ARE holding the best hand. So, act like it, goddammit.


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