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Friday, November 09, 2007

Day 5: Awesome Rally Edition.

The troops were rallied. There will be footage and pics and details all over this place called... shit. What's it called, again? It's like it's on the tip of my tongue... one of those newfangled inventions the kids use all the time. Oh yeah.


So, I'm just going to stick to the basics, giving props, etc.

Again, I'm amazed at everyone's solidarity.

Seen: CAA handing out churros! UTA handing out power bars, in all sorts of flavors! (Is that in the right order? I hope so! Let me know if I'm wrong and I'll amend.)

Heard: Power. The writers' power. What'd you say? POWER!

Heard: Harlan Ellison giving me what-for when I called his pin (a #2 pencil with wings), "Awesome." Except, you know, he is and it was. He also lectured me on, "like." When I pleaded growing up in the 80s, he didn't care. Instead he pinched my cheeks and called me a "cute little ______." I forget the word, whatever it was, it was AWESOME! We bonded over Disney, of course. I will never say the word "awesome" and not hear Harlan chastising me. I have no idea how old he is, I'm guessing 70s. He was out at Warner with us on Day One. He's a fucking trooper.

Seen: All sorts of showrunners, actors, writers, Lt. Dangle... just so fucking amazing.

Seen: Folks who work in FOX Plaza taking photos. Glad they had a good time. Heh.

A major thing I forgot yesterday? A Pepsi truck passed us and HONKED -- A LOT! You know what? I'm not a huge pop (soda to all you non-midwesterners) fan. I'll have one occasionally. Usually a Coke. But, now, I'm TOTALLY switching to Pepsi!


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