I be a good righter.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day Two.

We were stronger today than yesterday but not as strong as tomorrow.

My lord we had a fuck of a lot of fun. It's just going to continue. The fun, I mean. Cuz we're bringing it. And we'll keep doing so. Until Counter & Co cave.

Seen: friends, new friends, showrunners, emmy ® winning writers, Oscar® Nommed writers, and genius Harlan Ellison -- the only man fired from Disney quicker than I. Damn his eyes. Harlan (can I call him Harlan?)'s sign: "Nick Counter Sleeps With The Fishe$$$$." Harlan's chant? "Hey ho, Hey ho, I'm old, so I go slow." Sigh.

Seen: solidarity. hilarity. unity.

Heard: Potty mouths -- wait. That was me.

Heard: scabtastic rumors. From my heart, scabs: "FUCK YOU."

Need: Some new chants, though ours are sooooo fucking awesome that we got mentioned on defamer, we were running a little giddy today. So, whatcha whatcha whatcha got, guys?

Feel: Awestruck and humbled. These folks are infuckingsanely awesome.

See y'all tomorrow.


  • At November 06, 2007 4:56 PM, Blogger Julie O. said…

    Dammit, I want to be out there with you guys. Fucking Florida, no-man's land.

    Solo Solidarity is a lonely business...

    I'm walking with you in spirit, Priya!

  • At November 07, 2007 7:04 AM, Blogger Josh said…

    My fiancee and I are coordinating friends to walk the lines when we can.

    Keep it up. Lots of people are with you.


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