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Monday, November 12, 2007

From the extraordinary fans.


I received this. It was a comment. But, I believe it deserves its own post. Hopefully the author won't mind, but I changed "ordinary fans" to "extraordinary fans" because that's what you are! No ordinary about it!

To The Writers:

We EXTRAordinary TV fans are getting behind all y'all who are writing.

We fans want you writers to know that we’ve got your backs. Obviously it’s a little easier for us to support TV writers with regular offices but if you let us know how to reach you, then you too can take advantage of our support.

Here are some sites you should check out:

WGASupporters LiveJournal Community (it’s a multi-authored blog representing many fandoms that has grown to 1900 members)

Edit: The amazing gifts-bearing Spadada posted a correction:


Fans For The WGA (which covers more than 30 different TV show fandoms at this writing)

You’re welcome to stop in at any or all of them, comment or ask us for help.

And, as always, please please please sign this petition:

No More Clicks: http://www.petitiononline.com/noclicks/petition.html


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