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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Pocketful of Irony.

No post on Thursday. Too tired. Basically, Thursday consisted of me jumping up and down at FOX. Whoring for honks. BJs were extra -- of course. Is it completely sad that I'm still sore from hours of jumping? Thankfully, a woman from the make-up department at HOUSE brought donuts, to offset any weight that might have been lost from my actually exerting myself. No maple-y goodness, though! I guess she's as scared as that guy in the pick-up as much as I am.

Josh said, in the comments, that he brought croissants somewhere, as people might be getting a little sick of donuts. I doubt anyone is getting sick of donuts -- who could? -- but, his contribution and alternative baked goods were hopefully gratefully appreciated! If not, I totally appreciate it! Yay Josh!

On Friday, the cats seemed to be getting used to the early ayems. I was not, nor was Hubby. And, we set the alarm even earlier, as I went to Warner that morning. What a complete difference in tone. Where FOX is sedate, Warner is completely and utterly creative. Constantly coming up with new cheers (remember Day One? We were mentioned on Defamer!), it's gotten even better, now. Or, at least, at 6 ayem everything seems funnier. We've taken to ripping off songs. Avril, Chiffons, Amy (Winehouse). Then, we moved onto showtunes. GREASE, ANNIE, CHICAGO... let me tell you, doing this for four hours, whilst walking in circles -- the time not only passes more quickly, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Yes, it's dark dark times. But why not make the best out of a bad situation? What's complaining, sour pusses, and glares going to get you -- except bringing other people down?

Oh, the other great thing at Warner? People dressed as Tweety Bird, Sylvester the cat, and Bugs Bunny showed up. It was highlarious. And we marched behind them chanting:


Sigh. Good times in bad times (though, did y'all see that talks will resume on Nov. 26th? Here's hopin'!).

So, after a tiring week, I decided that I really needed to go play poker after picketing. Needed to get away from all the strike shit. The one place where I can completely forget everything. Except, you know, in the tourney I played? I ended up sitting next to a writer. Once I'd figured it out (his hat), I just... it depressed me. I think it did him, too. I busted out (39 of 166, I think) pretty quickly after ending up at his table. I tried to keep an eye on him, hoping he'd make final table. But, he followed suit (heh) shortly thereafter.

I tried to recoup my buy-in at the Omaha Hi-Lo table -- where I always come out ahead. Ended up next to a donkey who put me totally on tilt. If we're being fair, I was probably on tilt for a while before that. Coinciding, perhaps, with the revelation that that one guy was a writer. Don't get me wrong, he was really nice. And funny. And is probably a stellar writer. I just think the both of us were there to forget the strike and in irony of ironies, ended up next to each other.

So, if you're that guy... contact me. I'll pay for your next buy-in. To offset tilt-y badness.


In my opinion, Warner the place to be, if you're picketing.


ASSISTANTS' PICKET - LUNCH DONATIONS: Some very generous writers are banding together to buy lunch for the assistants and other picketers who are participating in the Assistants' Picket on Monday, 11/19 @ 12pm at FOX.  If you would be willing to contribute to this fund...

... please email me, and I'll put you in touch the amazing woman organizing this!


  • At November 20, 2007 7:10 AM, Blogger Rhys said…

    Sounds great! Keep up the righteous fight! Hmmm...only one place to go after show tones...choreographed bad 80s dance routines. The Robot, The Running Man, and of course The Bus Driver...who wouldn't pay to see the Bus Driver? Get boogeying! :)


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