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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Ramones beat me into submission!

So, yeah. I had to double-check that last post. I'd been awake for half an hour when I posted, but, you know, it was still five fucking ayem. The skies were dark. The cats cast baleful glares at self and Hubby. Then begged for food.

There used to be a day, a long time ago, when I was a college student. During that time, I served two years in the Starbucks penitentiary. My cell opened at 6 ayem. Which meant that we needed to be there at 5:15 ayem. Which meant that I needed to be on a bus by 4:50 ayem, which meant that I awoke at 4:00 ayem (coffee, shower, CHARLIE'S ANGELS -- though, to this day I have no idea how any of 'em ended). It sucked ass. Usually because I'd been, you know, partying until 3:00 ayem. Yet, I had insane energy those early mornings. It's kinda obnoxious, now that I think about it.

I'm older and stupider now. And waking when it's still dark out, with out the gals from CHARLIE'S ANGELS? It's not what it used to be.

I was told, last week, that FOX was more sedate than the boisterous WB. Given the early hour, I was unsurprised to find that people were, as my friend put it, in a "fugue state." I figured, once coffee had been ingested, that generally people would perk up (see what I did there? Coffee and then Perk. Yeah, I'm a fucking idiot right now).

It got to 7 ayem, and people were perking up somewhat. Stragglers straggled, complaining of the bitter cold (uh, actually, that was me -- I'm also a wuss, now), complaining of the early hour (hi! we were there, you know, on time -- yes, 7 sucks, but so does, you know, 6!).

Though people were perking up, it was still sedate. And frankly, as self-appointed head cheerleader, I failed. Instead, all of those who wanted to be sedate(d), infected me with their slothenly disease. And, I sat on my ass manning the check-in, chit-chatting with me buddy. Horns would honk, and we'd pump our fists. That's all we had for the honkers, sadly.

The morning went quietly by.

Around shift change, loads of people showed up with their kids (very very very adorable)!

I wish I had some brilliant words to type. Of how we rallied and marched. Marched and rallied. And saved the world.

I'm positive that happened, but I believe that was the second shift.

EDIT: Jeez, I've become an ungrateful whorebag. The most incrediblest people today:

The wife of an SFX guy on BONES (a pastry chef, I believe) brought us these great cookies. Homemade!

The make-up people at HOUSE brought us more cookies!

(Are you singing C is for Cookie, yet? I've been humming it all day.)

A writer on K-VILLE ordered a coffee truck from 6-8. Free lattes, free cappucinos, free iced blendededs, OH MY!

At 8 ayem, the truck drove away. We still needed coffee. Two very kind people on the line offered to go pick it up. Today's later morning coffee (after 8 ayem is later morning???) sponsored by my Visa. Cool cardboard containers kept it piping hot. Yay!


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