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Friday, November 09, 2007

A serious note.

Guys. My role has been defined on the line. I'm one of the cheer captains when people are flagging. There are many cheer captains, which is totally awesome! We're loud, we're proud, we got good timing -- I really, no I really, I really can't stop rhyming!

Here's the thing. The cheerleader in me has bled into this blog. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! THE WRITERS ARE SO FUCKING STRONG! And, the writers are -- strong that is. There is incredible support out there. Incredible people. But, please, don't think for one minute that it's all fun and games. There's a very serious undercurrent as higher-levels discuss their fates. Discuss the fates of the lower-levels. And, sadly, yesterday I overheard people discussing the fates of the assistants. That show is working their asses off to ensure that the assistants keep their jobs. Or, at least, are financially compensated. Which is fantastic, but the reality is, a fuck of a lot of people are losing their jobs. And will continue to.

Now, there are many issues at hand (and I must stress here I DO NOT SPEAK ON BEHALF OF THE WGA -- in any way, shape, or form). But, a thought occurred to me this morning, as I failed to go back to sleep (woke at 4, sick about what's happening):

Fans, myself included, need stop downloading shows from the internet, until this is resolved. Even if it's the fans getting together and planning a non-downloading movement for a week. A day. Whatevers. If this is already happening, please direct me to it, and I'll link it here.

The producers claim they're barely making ends meet with this "whole new media thing." Show them what it REALLY feels like to lose money on their "promos." Again, I would absolutely not suggest downloading on bit torrent if you missed your favorite episode. Because that's illegal and it would be wrong of me to suggest it. But, think about it (as pointed out to me from the incredible Kay at Seriocity) when you download from bit torrent, that's called piracy, because the studios aren't being paid (nor are the writers, I should point out). But, when you watch shows off of ABC.com and the like, it's called "promotional" -- meaning the writers don't get paid.

So, in my opinion (I AM NOT SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF THE WGA), simply not paying to download episodes while the writers are on strike seems to be the loudest thing the fans could do at this moment.


  • At November 09, 2007 2:20 PM, Blogger blameitonmyblueeyes said…

    I don't download tv shows/movies etc. off the internet anymore (since the strike began) and won't until it ends. Question, though. What about OnDemand services? NetFlix?

  • At November 09, 2007 2:31 PM, Blogger BooM said…

    The honest answer is: I don't know -- I could hazard a guess, but just in case I'm wrong (shocking, I know), I'd rather refer you to,


    Or Kay over at,


    These people are much smarter than I.

  • At November 09, 2007 2:37 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    There's the beginnings of a fandom movement over at LiveJournal: http://community.livejournal.com/wga_supporters/

  • At November 09, 2007 2:43 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I really like your blog. I wish I could be out there picketing with everyone for the sake of current and future writers.

    My friends and I have all stopped downloading episodes online which is a bummer considering how Thursday nights overlap all of the best shows. Ah, oh well. Not much we can do about that for now

  • At November 09, 2007 2:53 PM, Blogger BooM said…


    Love the sentiment, can't really support the phone calls. It's not that it's a horrible idea -- if you were actually going to get through to those people. If you were calling their direct lines. But, the people you're going to be talking with, inundating phone calls with? The assistants.

    When you get Nick Counter's cell phone, let me know, though!


    It's really a shame you can't just bit torrent those great shows you'll be missing on Thursday nights!

    However, it's awesome awesome awesome that you've all stopped downloading and watching streaming videos on the network's websites (if you did that, too, that is)! To me, the idea that you'd even want to be out there is incredible. I'm sure it means the world to a lot of other people too!

  • At November 09, 2007 2:59 PM, Blogger TV Addict said…

    I have no idea which blogger account I am logged into at the moment(I didn't realize that I had two!), so this will either be posted as Sarah or Tv Addict, but either way, it's still me.

    I would consider bit torrents were it not for the fact that I downloaded one episode of The Office last year and I was caught by our campus internet police. They shut off my internet for almost a month while it was "investigated." I guess I'll just have to tough it out until the strike is over.

  • At November 09, 2007 3:07 PM, Blogger BooM said…

    And that's why I'd never ask you to do it! ;)

    Thanks for toughing it out! Now, I'm curious, what's going to make the cut and what's going to get the ax on Thursday nights? Cuz, you know, you could email that to that show's network. Or, if you remember one of the advertisements you may have seen during that hour or half hour 'promo,' you could email your quandary to them! You know, how you're just not feeling the streaming these days...

    Or something.

  • At November 09, 2007 3:13 PM, Blogger TV Addict said…

    hmm, my Thursday night schedule is/will be for the remainder of the strike:
    The Office

    Alas, Grey's, I love you, but you are getting the ax. CSI, I just started watching you again after discovering the joys of CBS's intertube, but you are also cut.

    Sorry ABC, sorry CBS. I just think we need to take a break :( I'd say that it's not you, it's me--but that would be a lie and we both know it. As for NBC, you're just lucky, I guess, but that doesn't mean that I'm not mad at you too! So don't feel so left out of my network dismay!

  • At November 09, 2007 3:23 PM, Blogger TV Addict said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At November 09, 2007 6:08 PM, Blogger Beckylooo said…

    I'd gladly give credit where credit was due if I could remember where I heard it but... In a time of war, piracy is called privateering. I whole heartedly support the privateers. (also happens to be the title of one of my favorite West Wing episodes.)


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