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Thursday, December 13, 2007

George Takei, Krispy Kreme and cream cheese!

So, some writers interrupted the Carson Daly show. Including the writers, it must have been the best attended show of its life. Other than that, I find it highly hilarious.


Monday was Star Trek day at Paramount. It was pretty amazing. Very cool. And extremely geeky. Which is, you know, awesome. Also, George Takei nearly pushed a friend of mine into the street (accidentally, of course). I told her that if he had succeeded that her tombstone would read: "George Takei killed me." This incredible guy, Phil, from the "National Enquirer" brought an assload of Krispy Kreme donuts. Yum!

Tuesday was back to the old stomping ground. Brrrrrr. It's cold in the valley. But, you know, the welcome is warm.

Wednesday was the same. But colder.

Today was the same. But I finally wore gloves. Those helped a hell of a lot. Also, fans of MOONLIGHT brought bagels and cream cheese! How fucking cool is that? AND! I saw Tigh's wife from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! That is also of the extreme cool!

Tomorrow is... who knows. Monday I have a previous engagement so I won't make it to anything anyone's got planned. Including a 7-mile walk that's being cooked up. I'm bummed. But... previous engagement is set in stone. Walk safely, writers!

Chances are nothing will be resolved before the new year. However, I remain cautiously optimistic that an agreement being reached is on the horizon. Here's to continued solidarity!


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