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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Teaching Thursdays 1/31/08

As you all know by now: Writers of various genres join us each Thursday, making themselves available to discuss story, structure and everything in between to aspirings. All you have to do is come out and pick up a sign.

For our second Teaching Thursday hilarity will ensue! It's MULTI-CAMERA COMEDY DAY! Not sure how to write for geeks when you're tragically hip? The cool kids from "The Big Bang Theory" have answers! Want to know how to get your own personal studio audience? Writers from "The War At Home" know! And remember: If it rains on our heads, it's tragic. If it rains on yours, it's comedy gold!

The usual disclaimers:

If you're a writer for a Multi-Camera Comedy (or have been one) and want to show up, please know:

No one will solicit you to read their brilliant spec script. No one will ask for your phone number or email address. No one will expect anything of you other than your ability to answer some story/structure/dialogue questions.

If you're an aspiring who wants to take advantage of getting some truly great advice from the folks who have lived, eaten, breathed it:

Definitely join us -- all you need to do is pick up a sign! What you should not do: solicit the writers to read your brilliant spec script. Do not ask for phone numbers or email addresses. Do expect brilliance, because that's what you'll get!

MULTI-CAMERA COMEDY DAY: Thursday January 31st, 9 AM-12 PM, Warner Bros Gate 2.

See you there!

As always, hoping that the writers get a fair deal...

Suggestions, questions and concerns can be directed to wbteachingthursdays@gmail.com


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