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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Be a Buoy Scout, Y'all!

Guys. Always be prepared. FOR SERIOUS. Because this is what happens when you're not:

I've got a pilot that I bitched about a while back. I loved the concept and the characters so I did a page one rewrite so I could also love the mystery behind it. Now I love the mystery but I don't really love the characters. It's been sitting on my computer as I suffered through my DEXTER of extreme badness -- I'm pretty sure that guy will never see the light of day. And while I've rewritten my HEROES to be more relevant and linear. And while I've started on another pilot... so, you know, I've been busy.

Anyhoo, I wrote that pilot that I hated a while ago in a class. And there was a girl in the class who was frickin' awesome who's become a good friend. She doesn't understand why I'm not staffed. And every year she pokes and prods me to get off my ass and do something -- ANYTHING -- to get on staff. And for a while I'm usually inspired by her enthusiasm.

Thing is, between moving to Dublin (and not writing) and the strike (and not writing) I don't have a hell of a lot to show. Which is why I was surprised when my friend decided to take matters into her own hands and call up her manager to call me up. Which she did. I didn't have a ton of things to send over to her so I sent the Disney winning script and a short story.

I met the manager for coffee last week (which I paid for -- am I a diva to think that's odd?) and it just isn't a good fit. She wants to take me on as a client. But she also wants me to jump through all of these hoops (related to the people I know, as it happens). So, I haven't gotten back to her. Even though she's gotten my friend some amazing jobs. Perhaps I'm being an idiot.

Anyhoo, my wonderful friend also apparently had a meeting last week with a friend-cquaintance of hers. I get an email after that meeting that's all:

Boom, this is Jay, Jay this is Boom. Y'all know what to do.

Except for I didn't. So I "replied all" with a non-committal witticism. And Jay "replied all" with a "send me over some of your work!" I don't know who this joker is so I go to Minnesota.

Okay, I was already going to Minnesota. But, I make the executive decision that I'm going and not responding until I get back, because I'd really like to know what the hell is going on. At the same time I don't want to be looking a gift mouth in the horse. You know? So, I send back a polite, "Hey, Jay, you know what's up, friend knows what's up, I don't know what's up. Can we Joan Rivers?"

And we do. He's very nice. Turns out he's a development exec looking for scripts and friend talked the shit up about mine. The one I wrote in class. The one that's in literal pieces on my desk. Sigh.

Thankfully Jay's all, "take your time." My neurotic self reads "take the weekend" into that. I don't know. Do y'all think I have more time than that?

What the fuck is up with my new southern accent? I'm from MINNESOTA don'tcha know. Where's y'all coming from?

Okay, but seriously, how much times do I gots?

And are YOU prepared for your friends? Maybe you should check over your scripts one last time -- just in case!

And randomly, are you all (ha!) watching the Swimlympics? Seriously has swimming ever been this exciting? Is everyone at their local (or backyard) pool, like, all the time now? I totally want to swim laps ALL THE TIME. Especially instead of trying to piece my pilot back together!

Double ugh.

Always be prepared. Always be prepared. ALWAYS BE FUCKING PREPARED!


  • At August 18, 2008 1:05 PM, Blogger Josh said…

    I would say, in order of importance:

    1) Quality - make the script good.

    1a) Timeliness/speed - I'd say give yourself another week or so at most. But then, you know at least a little better than I how long it seems like this guy will retain his interest.


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