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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Personal Essay Question

When I began my quest for this holy grail, people were still of the mind that it was an idiot box. That features were the only things worth doing. Now it seems like everyone wants to be a TV writer. It got me thinking: Why?

There are the really boring answers like: normal-ish hours, not a lot of traveling, great money, seems slightly more stable than features... I don't really care about that. I care about the moment when you realized it was TV. Maybe it's not a moment, maybe it's a whole thing. I want to hear about it! Think of it as your essay question with less pressure!

So, I'm going to ask these five folks to blog about it, and they're going to ask five folks and then we'll all become a Breck commercial.

What made you want to be a TV writer? Was there a defining moment? Was it an awakening? Did you always know? These are the questions I'm posing to:

1. Lisa Klink
2. Michael Sullivan
3. Kira Snyder
4. Emily Blake
5. Josh Roessler




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