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Friday, September 19, 2008

Thisis retarded.

Guys. Use spell check. Please. I'm sick of reading your version of English.

"Oh, god, I’ve totally miss read this." Okay, so spell-check ain't gonna find that one. Here's, from just one BEAT SHEET that an acquaintance sent me for notes. The document is two pages long:

"fifthe grade"
"thisis" (thesis)

Normal folks, who understand the English language, aren't going to have this many misspellings in their scripts. Especially since some really amazing person invented spell check. Some of the words on the list look like the author was in a hurry, I submit that it would have taken an extra minute or two to do spell check (sure, it would have missed "miss read"). Which would have saved me writing this post. Which would mean that I would not be in my natural habitat: procrastinating.

But, some of the words make me really sad. I guess a "roberry" is what you do when you stick up a Pinkberry? And then the pokice comes after you, past the assistantgrasshopper and the assistantant. You might pick up a handbag along the way, or since you're in a hurry you might dispurses. The sad thing is, you probably turned to a life of crime because you never got past Ye Olde Fifthe Grade.


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