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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I read none of the pilots last Spring. I have, for the most part, heard nothing about the pilots -- except for the fact that I know some folks on a bunch of them. But, I don't know what the pilots are about, I don't know who wrote them, I know (essentially) nothing more than what the marketing departments have told me. It's somewhat refreshing.

But now... now I've seen 'em -- well, whatever's aired. So here's what I think in a completely random order:


I really wanted to like this. It was the one I knew the most about, insofar as I have a good friend on it, a friend's best friend is on it, and a chick I was in a couple of classes with is on it. Which meant I knew a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff. But not so much about the show itself. Apparently it's pretty common knowledge that the third episode was going to replace the pilot ep as the first episode CBS aired.

The third ep was written by the girl I've taken a couple of classes with (an insanely talented writer). She was in one of the diversity programs last year, which is how she got on this show. Which is a HUGE achievement in itself. There must have been something in her episode that made them want to air hers first. I wish they had. Because I still am not entirely sure I know what the fuck this show's about. It's, um, X-FILES with science? Maybe? On CBS. So, it's FRINGE for the blue hairs? I think?

I want this show to do well, I really do. And I assume they knew there were issues with the pilot as they were going to replace it. But, for some reason, they decided to air the pilot. As an aside, I know the show came to be in a very weird way, I know it originated in the UK. What I still don't know is what the show's about. And that's sad. Because I bet it'd be the type of show I'd love.

But as with all shows, I'll give it three episodes. Actually, I'll give it all the episodes that air. Because I know folks on it. But, if I didn't, I don't know that I'd give it the three episodes. Sadly.


I love JJ Abrams. I don't love this show. I think I want it to be X-Files and it's not. So, that's more about me than it is about them. I don't have any specific issues with the show. And I actually look forward to it being on (though when watching it I'm always just a little disappointed).


This was my new favorite show of the season. I knew nothing about it. I almost didn't watch it. Turns out it's fluff I can love. Though, I don't know how long I can love it. What was sweet in the beginning, what was fresh, is now becoming cloying and stale. It doesn't seem to be saying anything. Where I thought the main character was going to succeed in her personal (professional) life, we're not spending a lot of time on that, and she doesn't seem all that interested in furthering her career. She does seem invested in the two girls she's tutoring (her day job), which is great. But, I'd really like to see some dilemma on how she's spending so much time on them that she doesn't have time for her career. Instead, it's about boys and crushes and sex -- which is fine if that's what the pilot had promised. But it wasn't. And I'm disappointed.


I'm still watching. Not loving. There are some interesting ideas on it. It's like, if the drain's the goal, they're circling it. But not quite getting there. That's, at once, a weird yet fitting analogy for the show.


The "70s" moments feel forced. Like cops beating the shit outta each other. And the perps. And the... those moments just don't feel real. Yet. For some reason, I feel like I'm in really capable hands here. That those moments needed to happen so that folks can be like, "okay, this isn't dad or grandpa's cop show." And that's fine. We'll see what the second episode brings. I hope it's more reality. Bonus points for Lisa Bonet, though.


I love Christian Slater. Like, I LOVE Christian Slater. I want to have ten million of his babies. Sorry, hubby. It's Christian Fucking Slater. Four words: Pump Up The Volume. One word: Heathers. I could go on. But I won't. But, Christian Slater! Sigh.

I know no one on this pilot. I knew nothing about it except for the ads. Which features Christian Slater being all freaky. And I loved it. I couldn't wait for it. And I was worried. Worried that I'd hate it.

I needn't have worried.

Turns out the guy who wrote KIDNAPPED (a show I ADORED, like one of my favorites of 2006) wrote this. So exciting! And Christian Slater? It did not disappoint. It was fun, action-y, quippy, brilliance. There were some definite bumps in it. But, I think those are easily ironed out. I will continue watching. With the lights turned down low, a fire blazing, perhaps some Barry White, me, Christian and some Rosé. Monday nights are about to get freaky up in here.


  • At October 21, 2008 10:11 AM, Blogger RTVW said…

    Hi there. I had to come back and comment on this post. Some friends of mine got the chance to do an interview with Rina Mimoun from PRIVILEGED and one of the questions I wanted them to ask was motivated by your comments about how the show focusing more on Megan's love life rather than her career.

    Now that they've got a transcript from the interview posted, I thought I'd come back and pass along a link to it in case you'd be interested in hearing Rita's response: http://thetvaddict.com/2008/10/21/exclusive-interview-privileged-showrunner-rina-mimoun


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