I be a good righter.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Instead of writing...

I've dusted my desk, even though I've been writing from the sofa. I get all cramped and achy when I do that, so I really should switch back to writing at my desk. Especially when I've got so much writing to do today.

My external keyboard was really dirty and dusty, so I really needed to clean that. Key by key. Because I have a lot of writing to do today.

I'm just not feeling very zen in here. It's not conducive to writing. I really need to tidy up my bookshelves in order to make it feel more fluid. Because, you know, I've got a lot of writing to do today.

OMG. I totally forgot that I signed up for this 6-week internship, and she emailed me this morning asking about those emails, which I've told her MANY MANY times were sent, so I really should email her back and let her know, AGAIN, that they were sent. Because I've got a lot of writing to do and I don't want that weighing on my head.

My mentor asked for my help in some research. I should do that, even though she said it wasn't time sensitive. I don't want my brain wandering over to the research when I'm writing, because I have so much of it to do.

I thought I heard the cat puke this morning. I couldn't find it. But, just in case, I should probably launder the blanket on the bed. Even though I'm pretty sure the cat was nowhere near the bed when she allegedly puked. But, better to be safe than sorry -- especially when I've got this writing to do.

Oh! An email came in! I better check it, otherwise the little warning that I have a new email will taunt me and distract me from all of the writing I need to do.

It's my dad. An email with an article telling me how great Palin is. Wow. My die-hard Democratic dad has a hard on for her. Which is just gross to think about. I need to get away from the computer and bleach my brain before I can get to all of this writing.

I can't stop thinking about that email from my dad. I should search the entire internet to find a good counter-argument article. Then I need to compose an email to my dad. It needs to not be reactionary, but measured. Because, it turns out, my dad's the annoying troll on the internet.

Did the washing machine just finish? Maybe I should put on another load of laundry. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. Writing and housework! I'm a genius.

My story's reminding a lot of people of a popular show. I should rewatch that for research and to get me in the mood. I've got a lot of writing to do and mood's important!

Maybe a cup of tea?


Latte! I should go out and get one. It'll keep me going throughout this marathon writing session I'm about to embark on.

I'm hungry too. I should probably head to the grocery store. Oooh. Maybe I'll make a nice dinner for the hubby tonight. I need to go peruse all the cooking magazines I've compiled over the years.

Oooh! Someone's IMing me. Someone's challenged me to Word Twist on Facebook! Someone linked to a great article on Facebook! That zany Huffington Post. Someone linked to a great youtube video on Facebook!

Where do people find the time for this shit? I can barely find time to write.

I better post on my blog, I haven't posted on there in a while. It'll be a great warm up for all of the writing I have to do today.


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