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Friday, November 14, 2008

My Spidey Sense is off.

MY OWN WORST ENEMY had a slightly worser enemy: The network. LIPSTICK JUNGLE appears to be following Hottie McHottie Slater down the cancelled well.

I really do want my friends to be employed. And I want people I know to be employed. And I want former teachers to be employed. And all of these people are on ELEVENTH HOUR. So, I don't understand how that's still on but MY OWN WORST ENEMY isn't. And how the hell is THE MENTALIST a hit? I liked it way better when it was PSYCH.

Tis a sad day here at Casa BooM.

Guess I'm gonna have to write. But, um, since my spidey sense is off, I worry that it's off on my scripts too. Oh well, writing is writing is writing, n'est-├že pas?


  • At January 05, 2009 7:46 PM, Blogger Christopher said…

    I stumbled on your blog... Love it. Keep writing.

    two things:
    1: Yes, the Mentalist. Loved it much better when it was Psych... (which is back this month!)
    B: Dexter... you have to Tivo it (or get the full season at Showtime in NYC if you are so lucky to work there once in a while) and watch the whole thing in two or three days. It's like a 48 hour high.


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