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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Minute eight of "The Home Coming Job" has the Vikings' crazy good RB, Adrian Petersen, running the ball for about nine million yards (which is short for him). This single two-second moment has made me a life-long fan of the show.

Well, it's a bonus that it rocks, too.

My favorite show ever is HU$TLE. EVER. That and MIRACLES. But, I love me some heistiness. I was trés worried about LEVERAGE. I needn't have. It's fantabulous fun and I'm only eight minutes in to the second ep. But, you know, I've rewatched Adrian about a million times, even though I'm sure I saw the game whenever it aired. Looks like maybe they're playing the Bears?

Anyhoo, I hope to hell the public loves it as much as I do, cuz I want it to be around forevers.

Go Vikes! Go LEVERAGE!

Or go home.

(Or something).


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