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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 can bite me.

Hard. In the ass.

The tally is:

Gained: One job.

Lost to death: One grandfather, one best friend from high school, one incredible teacher from high school.

Lost in general: One husband to insanity, friends, my mind.

Medical conditions: Sprained my ankle, Uncle had stroke, aunt has brain tumor, as does sister. The latter less serious than the former.

Car accidents: One.

It's been a rough fucking year (and that was just February - June). So, I've not been posting. I hope to do so more. Less about the depressing losses/medical conditions, and more about that one magnificent gain -- which is slightly more on topic with this blog. And a literal life-saver.

Basically, bitches... I'm back. Grab a fucking beer or ten.


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