I be a good righter.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, hi!

Wow. It's kinda dead around here.

Kinda my fault, huh?

Well, I didn't really have much to talk about. Not that I do now. But I missed you. My four readers. I have no idea if you're even still out there! I mean, I'd think about you from time to time and the things I'd like to talk with you about. Like, HUMAN TARGET, which I loved. And the LOST finale, which I hated. And everything in between.

Or, how at one point, hungover, I decided to check out WEEDS. I did. It was awesome. I was seriously humbled as a writer. Interesting concept there, BSG humbled me and happens to be a show I began watching whilst extremely hungover. Looks like I should start watching shows hungover? Or stop? Or...?

I wanted to talk about writing specs of existing shows, but I can't even conceive of speccing any shows (except maybe WEEDS (but I don't really write half hours)). So, I'm stuck with a billion pilot ideas. Where the fuck does one start... besides at the beginning, smart asses?

Now, see, in the past, I'd always been of the mind that I could only work on one idea at a time. I'm kinda a method writer, where I like to immerse myself into the world about which I'm writing. For example, when I wrote a WITHOUT A TRACE way back when, it was about a skinhead who goes missing from prison (they did the same idea a year later -- but, they did it better), I watched nearly every season of OZ. I read scary motherfucking posting boards. I... basically, I had nightmares for the four weeks it took me to write.

But since the passing of this year, I've got ADD. I can't sit still. And because I don't feel like immersing myself for weeks/months in any of the worlds I want to create, I just wasn't writing.

But then, a while back, I lamented about all of this to a friend. She looked at me like I was crazy and suggested I just write whatever I felt like writing that day. Then I looked at her like she was crazy. Mainly because she is. She was also right. So, that's what I did. To get back on the horse.

Of course, to avoid writing (which I'm WAY better at; I am procrastination's mistress), I'm now posting again. We'll see how long this lasts...


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