I be a good righter.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Weeks after I post about the Sliding Doors Alterno-Fate, I come to the biggest crossroads of my life. I flash forward to the future and wonder what I'll think when I look back. Which path is the right one (well, duh, the one on the right)?

There's an obvious path I want to take. But I'm not the only one standing at the fork in the road. My husband's standing right next to me. He "says" he doesn't care which path we take. But, I do. Each one will affect our life. Each path is rife with possibility. One path is a secure possibility, that's the opportunity my husband's been offered. The other path is potential opportunity, and that's the path I'm looking down. It's a big WHAT-IF? path. Which is what makes this business this business, I guess.

If we truly end up with [the metaphoric] John Hannah at the end of our own little movie, then, potentially both paths are the correct choice. But, do I truly believe that I'm going to end up with [the metaphoric] John Hannah? That's the question that has been keeping me up nights. It's also the question that's lost me 8 pounds, so, you know, there's an upside.

In the next few weeks, my path will narrow or we'll have walked down it. No looking back. Frankly, it scares the shit out of me.