I be a good righter.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Smokin' Hot

I haven't posted in a while. I'm completely out of the loop given the time of year. I recognize that it's staffing season, and I should be stressed to all hell, emailing agent wondering why I'm not getting meetings, losing sleep, and generally being miserable. But, I'm not.

Well, I'm not miserable because of the above. I'm miserable because I've spent the past nine days not smoking. Prior to that, I'd spent the previous week hacking up most of my lungs from a stupid stupid cold. It was the whole not-getting-better thing that prompted me to quit smoking. And the whole after-a-coughing-fit-it's-time-to-smoke-until-my-lungs-are-bleeding thing. So, I'm pretty miserable, completely depressed, wishing we had air conditioning during my self-imposed exile from life. And finding that things really don't smell and taste the way things used to smell and taste.

So, you know, writing has been the last thing on my mind. Actually, the penultimate thing on my mind. The honor of "last" goes to staffing season. I have no idea what pilots are hot. I have no idea what any buzz is. I don't even have a clue about what shows are returning next season. And I don't really care. Which is odd, especially given the post before this one.

I pretty much knew, back on November 1st that this staffing season was going to be weird. It was further compounded when the AMPTP walked away from the table a few weeks in. After Christmas, I sort of knew that my time would be 2009. So, I've been somewhat preparing for that. It's just weird that the stress that I normally feel during this time is stress that's completely foreign to me now.

I'm hearing about friends getting on staff, which is fabulous. And I'm really proud of them.

But, right now, I'm all about ensuring that I don't smoke today. Oh, there are folks who are like, "when I quit, I just quit, and it was just over." Further investigation reveals that these people had been smoking for about a year or less when they quit. So, when I tell them that I've been smoking since I was twelve (yes, twelve) and that I'm no longer anywere close to twelve, they kind of understand what I'm going through.

What most people haven't understood is that I've transferred my addiction to knitting. That's right, in 100 degree heat I'm knitting thick, hot pink alpaca scarves (and dusty grey, and multi-colored, and now... STRIPES!). And I'm only on day nine! Okay, actually, most people get the knitting thing. What they don't get is my recent obsession with NCIS. Yes, the TV show. I've watched the first two seasons whilst knitting nine' foot scarves. And I LOVE this show. There's something that's so mind-numbingly comforting about their cookie-cutter characters. About knowing that nothing is REALLY going to happen to them (though the season two ender was a shocker!). I guess because the characters are all really caricatures, they seem familiar. So, Gibbs, DiNoza, Abby, etc, they've been keeping me company instead of cigarettes. Which I'm assuming is healthier, but might actually be more harmful.

I even laughed at a USA commercial advertising NCIS reruns. Apparently, USA has more Mark Harmon than any other network. That's good, right?

Okay, so I promised myself that I'd start getting back to life today. How I wish I were talking about getting back to a LIFE marathon... so, I'm going to go attempt writing one page. Just one. The first in weeks. Baby steps. And then it's back to Agent Gibbs and his team.