I be a good righter.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay. So that last long post inspired a couple of people to ask me to partner up. And, being one who never says no, I've done so. One project is top secret. I'm not even telling my bestest friends about it or about who it is. Another project is not-so top secret, we're working on a spec TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. It's HIGHLY enjoyable.

As usual, I've gotten tips from the writers about how they go about breaking the story, and we have used that in our breaking of the story. We came up with a solid, agent-grabbing, getting-on-staff-worthy idea. It was writing itself. And it was gonna be awesome.

Until last night that is.

When TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES did our idea in "COMPLICATIONS." Not only did they do it, but they proved how vastly superior they are as writers. Like, I was watching it in awe. Wondering if when we got to script we'd come to those conclusions. It wasn't just the A story that was similar (or, you know, exactly alike), the B story was our idea too. And, you know, the two ideas don't naturally go together, necessarily. It was a bit of a reach for us to come up with a theme that brought them together.

So, now it's back to the drawing board. Having been schooled by those who've gone there before.

What I now know is that we need to amp up our game.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Spidey Sense is off.

MY OWN WORST ENEMY had a slightly worser enemy: The network. LIPSTICK JUNGLE appears to be following Hottie McHottie Slater down the cancelled well.

I really do want my friends to be employed. And I want people I know to be employed. And I want former teachers to be employed. And all of these people are on ELEVENTH HOUR. So, I don't understand how that's still on but MY OWN WORST ENEMY isn't. And how the hell is THE MENTALIST a hit? I liked it way better when it was PSYCH.

Tis a sad day here at Casa BooM.

Guess I'm gonna have to write. But, um, since my spidey sense is off, I worry that it's off on my scripts too. Oh well, writing is writing is writing, n'est-çe pas?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

Have you?

Psst: Pass it on.