I be a good righter.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dork you.

Okay, so by now you all know I've quit smoking. You all know that I holed up for weeks with only my knitting and my NCIS. Right?

The other day I was at Ralph's and saw one of the actresses from NCIS. The cool one. Pauley Perrette. Both my hubby and I saw her at the same time. As we're walking to the check out line, we jokingly discuss telling her about the quitting smoking, etc. And then, something makes me decide that I am going to tell her.

Seriously you guys, I don't do this.

But, I did.

I felt like a total dork as I approached her and asked her if I could tell her something really random. She was kinda curious, but definitely put on that "I'm an actress on a TV show so I'm a bit wary of you people always coming up to me when I'm not wearing make-up." So, I told her. Feeling like an absolute geek. She was super nice about it all, like WAY nicer than she had to be (and seriously guys, I still feel like a total dork that I did this). In fact, she's trying to quit smoking (I recommended NCIS; she's seen it). But, I think I made her day. I mean, come on, it's NCIS; I'm aware that it's not the buzz show in town. I feel certain she does too.

But, I still feel like a dork.

In other news, I'm writing more. I finished a very very bad draft of that DEXTER, which will probably not be ready for human consumption any time soon. So, I've decided to revisit a HEROES I wrote a while back. Group gave me mad notes on it, and I've been raring to go on it... except.

I just don't have the energy to write. Seriously. My metabolism's all fucked up from the whole quitting smoking thing, apparently it'll be that way for 6 months before it normalizes. In a vain attempt to not gain weight (too late) I've been exercising. A lot. Like, I did two hours at the gym yesterday. My trainer (yeah, got a trainer, too) is getting concerned with the amount of work I'm doing and is forcing me to take Saturdays off. So, Saturdays I spend completely stressed out that I haven't worked out and am probably gaining weight because I looked at a bakery.

It also sucks that my Nike Plus (a fancy pedometer) is WAY off. When I thought I was doing 13 miles, I was really doing 11. It's still 11 miles, but it's not 13. Sort of like when you think you've written a great script, you put it away for a while and when you bust it out to re-read months later, it's kinda not that great and you realize you've got two more miles to write on it. Or something.

So, I've got two days to rewrite HEROES based on great notes from group. And two days to apologize to group members who emailed scripts that I never gave notes on.

I'm so stressed from not smoking that I need a cigarette.