I be a good righter.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Industry,

I think it's time we had a little chat. About where our relationship is going. I don't want to turn this into a major deal or anything, but I have to say I'm pissed. I know you're seeing other people. This is fine, we weren't exclusive. But, I know some of the people you're seeing. It's one thing if it's the talented Kira. I can totally see what you see in her. She's awesome.

It's another thing all together when you start dating my former co-worker. A talentless hack of a writer that you ensured got on a show that's seen WAY better days. A talentless hack of a writer who was only my former co-worker because she had a boss with a lot of clout. See, I had to get the job through, you know, talent. But, then, you put her on that show. Well, her former boss got her on that show... with an outdated, stupid buttplug of a spec script that I wouldn't have wiped my ass with (yes, I'm bitter, Industry).

What do you see in her? I'm just... perplexed.

See, Industry, my tivo happened to tape an episode of the show she's on. Since I once loved the show, and have a soft spot for it, I watch it occasionally. So, I watched this episode. It was excrutiatingly bad. So much so that I had to rewind to see who'd written it. And it was HER. The talentless hack Other Woman.

So, Industry, I'd really like to know: why her? She doesn't have big tits. She's not particularly attractive. She's not one who you'd, you know, describe as someone with a good personality. She's just... blah. Maybe the sex is good? Maybe mind-blowingly awesome? Though, I doubt it, as I don't really see her as a wildcat. Whereas, I am. I'm downright whorish -- so, maybe you prefer the good girl?

Okay, so we're not exclusive. And, I don't really have the right to bitch (even though you're spending WAY more time with her than you are me), but maybe, I could see you a little more often? I don't mean to sound needy. I'll even cook you dinner! It's just... well, I get lonely. And there's this other guy who's been courting me. I don't like him nearly as much as I love you (there, I said it). But, he's nice and sweet and treats me well.

Let's be honest, even if I did start seeing him, if you were to call, you know I'd come running back. Though, maybe a little more slowly than I would if you weren't seeing That Girl.

With all my love,